Christian Trujillo

Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Career and Life Coach

Focus Areas


There is a need for speakers that will encourage, mentor, motivate and guide our youth. It seems our society is transforming the way youth see their future and the need for hard work and self-drive. Many of these youth are lost, confused and unsure of what to do with their lives. Through Christian’s conferences, talks, keynotes, and seminars he is able to spark the fire in them that will turn into a fire. This fire in them will cause them to seek their purpose and calling and will drive them to achieve more by focusing on their strengths. Since the beginning of Christian’s career as a career and life coach, his desire has always been to transform our youth which will be the future leaders of our country, future CEOs, managers, and leaders that will transform the world.

Minorities, and less fortunate individuals

Christian realized that mastering a new language, getting jobs that seemed out of reach, buying a house and many other American dreams were possible, by getting out of the comfort zone and overcoming fears. After realizing this he noticed that many had difficulties understanding these principles. Through his own experiences, Christian has been able to motivate those who attend his talks, conferences, and seminars, to understand that the only ones that have the power to limit their potential are themselves. Through this conference, people learn to get rid of this limits and overcome their own fears. Many of this insecurities and limits have been gathered through the years due to their own history, family, friends, or the society where they live.

Young Adults

There are many young adults that have not found their calling and that have not learn how to overcome their fears and insecurities. This has caused many to get stuck in a place where there is no return and no success. Christian is passionate about sharing practical life experiences that inspire many to get out of their comfort zone and discover the passion for transforming the world. Christian’s seminars for the young adults allow them to find out the reasons why they are afraid to try and win big and provide an atmosphere for creativity, innovation and strategic planning for the future.

Corporate events

Many corporations seek speakers to motivate their employees to collaborate better, work harder and transform their culture. This is not an easy task and it requires that all the pieces of the puzzle are aligned and working unison. Through Christian’s keynotes, he is able to bridge that gap and motivate the workforce to align with the company goals and objectives. People leave the meeting encouraged, motivated and driven to work harder with the same goal in mind.


How can I book Christian?

The best way is to use the contact form on this website. calling the phone number or emailing him directly.

What are the fees?

Fees range depending on the type of event, time and location. Contact Christian in the contact form below for more info.

Can Christian perform this presentations in Spanish?

Yes, Christian, it’s fluent in both the English and Spanish languages.

How far can Christian travel to speak at an event?

Christian is available to go anywhere in the world as long as expenses are taken care of.


Christian Trujillo was born and raised in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico where he grew up there until after high school. At that time, he decided to visit the USA for a year, however, God had other plans. Christian met his wife Christy at a church he was part of and after getting married he became a USA citizen and was able to graduate college.


When Christian came to the USA he did not know how to speak English and technology was never his strength, however, he was able to learn and master the language, graduate college with highest honors in computer science and become very successful in his field. There were many struggles and challenges faced throughout his life in the USA, but these experiences just made him stronger and have allowed him to coach others. Christian became a born-again believer in Christ and continues to accredit his success to Jesus.


Christian is passionate about helping others unlock their full potential, uncover the passion, and discover the inner drive that will take them to find their calling and purpose in life. As a motivational speaker he is able to show how if he was able to accomplish much regardless of the limitations he faced, anyone can do it. As a career coach and speaker, Christian is able to teach the students how to choose a career that aligns with their calling and strengths. All this is based on his own practical life experiences and biblical principles that have helped him.



A Career With Purpose

This seminar focuses on three transitions the youth goes through, the transition from high school to college, college to career and career to career.

The seminar has been created to equip the attendees with things like:

  • Facing reality and not just living in the fantasy of a career
  • Student loans
  • Choosing a career that aligns with the calling in their lives
  • The individual strengths and how to use them
  • Answering questions such as: How to get a job and what kind of job should I get?
  • Some of the experiences and testimonies of my professional life
  • How to write a resume and why
  • The technology behind finding a job
  • Tips to interview well
  • The fear that will steal the opportunities of a lifetime
  • How to advance their career

Activities, Q&A, interview role playing etc.


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