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I had the pleasure of attending Christian’s talk and career growth at this year’s VMUG UserCon. His ability to blend personal and professional anecdotes engaged the audience in a way other speakers miss. I left the talk feeling more confident in my ability to reach my goals. I think we all took solace in the fact that we weren’t alone in our fears and worry about our future employability and felt strengthened knowing we could work through it, like Christian had.


Systems Engineer, Methodist Hospital of Southern California

Christian gave an incredible presentation at the SoCal VMUG 2019 on the topic of Career Hyper-Growth. It was very valuable to me as I change careers and I'm very happy that I chose to attend his session. Christian did a great job of blending his personal experiences with advice for everyone and inspired me to step up to challenges that I thought I was not yet prepared for. His advice on how to get experience outside of a job was invaluable as it helped get me on the right path.


System Administrator, Perrygo Consulting

I have worked with Christian over the past 6 months as part of the account team for Southern California and Arizona, where Christian has impressed me time and time again with his excellent interpersonal skills and his ability to translate complex technical solutions to nontechnical buyers. He is our go-to presenter on the team for anything and everything technical due to his amazing story telling skills and his ability to relate to his audience.


Enterprise Account Manager, Red Hat